Pelican Point Lodge is situated on a unique stretch of land, the remote peninsula of Pelican Point at Walvis Bay, a committed venue to creating memories for all our guests that will last a lifetime.

With the untouched beaches of the Atlantic Ocean on the one side and the Lagoon of Walvis Bay on the other, our aim is to provide you with an unique experience that demands nothing much of you, but to arrive, relax, reflect and unwind in one of the most enchanting and unique settings in our beautiful country.

Pelican Point Lodge specials
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From your own private deck, expect to enjoy the antics of hundreds of seals surfing the ocean waves, or just their basking in the sun, spot the dolphin’s, whales and mola-mola, hearing the distinctive call of the jackal roaming close by the lodge, observing their playful nature. Witness spectacular flocks of damara-terns, cormorants and flamingo’s flying or feeding in the more tranquil waters of the lagoon. Follow fishing vessels, and catamaran`s, to and from the Walvis Bay harbor presenting perfect photo opportunities on both misty and sunny days.

For closer encounters, a relaxing stroll to the point of the Peninsula will present you with perfect photographic opportunities of intriguing small desert dweller. A favorite is a walk to the old rusted Jetty, about 800 meters from the Lodge, with a book, camera, picnic basket, interacting and observing the playful seals and birdlife from close. On a clear sunny day the dunes of the Namib Desert,  will give you a perfect backdrop creating memories of this unique place.

Waking up to the sound of the ocean and spotting the seals which are playing in the crushing waves, while enjoying a fresh cup of coffee,… luxury doesn’t get any better than this.